The Serenade Mini-Theatre

Star in this celestial theatre Serena.

The Serenade Mini-Theatre is a small transportable, imaginatively painted theatre.

The Serenade Mini Theatre has seen life with the help of eight private lenders, whereas the pop-up performances in August 2020 were financed by ‘Fonds 1818’ and ‘Cultuurmakersfonds’.

The inventor and star of this celestial theatre is Serena Jansen, whose shining voice is perfectly matched by Aldert Prast’s virtuoso accordion-playing.
Starting from their own musical preferences, the duo has put together a collection of songs in different languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Russian, French, Yiddish) and genres, from the catchy Boum! by Charles Trenet to the much-loved Bella Ciao, all the way up to some beautiful Yiddish songs and a lot more.

Would you like to bring a very special serenade to a loved one?
Do you have something special to celebrate? Do you need to liven up a large bare room?
Do you wish to bring comfort, to win a reticent heart, or to add to an evening the radiance and colour that will stay with you for long?

You can hire the Serenade Mini Theatre by sending an email to: or by calling: 06 – 24 86 13 91

Are there any children present, is there a children’s party coming up, do you need someone to humorously monitor compliance with the corona measures? Then the Mini-Theatre will also bring clown Lot along!

List of songs

List of (light)classic songs

  • From “La courte paille” (M. Carême/F. Poulenc)
    Quelle aventure!
    La reine de coeur
    Ba, be, bi, bo, bu
    Lune d’avril
  • From “Cabaret songs” (W.H.Auden/B. Britten)
    Tell me the truth about love
  • Surabaya Johnny (B. Brecht/K. Weill) See video
  • Nani, nani/ Sefardic cradle song (J. Rodrigo) See video